Fleetsphere Snow

fleet management of
snow removal vehicles.

A manager in a vehicule looking at a Fleetsphere dashboard
What is Fleetsphere Snow?

A simple and efficient solution.

Fleetsphere Snow allows you to record, manage and view all the information relating to your fleet of vehicles. Using vehicle telemetry, the software allows you to closely follow vehicles and their routes while ensuring compliance with the application of operational instructions, safety rules and driver behavior. The dashboard allows managers to establish clear KPIs in addition to providing access to all reports that could be useful to you in optimizing your decisions. Fleetsphere is your solution for efficient and powerful fleet management.

Main benefits

icône tracking

Vehicle tracking

icône activité

Fleet activity management

icône déplacement

Trips management

Improve your operating costs.

Average improvements that can be obtained:


Total revenue increase


Fuel consumption reduction


Maintenance costs reduction


Accidents reduction

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Key features.

Product overview.

Vehicule tracking

Vehicle tracking at your fingertips.

Manage and control all the information relating to your vehicle fleet. With a global portrait of the deployment and activities of the fleet, it is possible to carry out the follow-ups necessary for optimized logistics.

Fleet activity management

Your fleet at a glance.

Measure the efforts in hours and kilometers, depending on the location, and the route by evaluating the wait or rotation times between two sites. Good visibility allows you to identify weaknesses in your operating processes and make the necessary corrections to improve your business activities.

Route management

Save money with every route.

Each route can be improved. With the right data you will be able to optimize it, not only to save time and fuel, but also to reduce the risks of accidents which can be costly for your business.
route management dashboard
Trip history

Know where your vehicles have been.

Understand the behaviours of your drivers when necessary. Access to trips history makes it possible to better process complaints but also to understand why certain routes are more profitable. With the right data, you will be able to optimize your routes and better train your staff to increase their efficiency.

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a person looking at a Fleetsphere by CDWare dashboard

“After the installation of the GPS, we saw […] improved productivity and operational efficiency. We plan to add over $ 300,000 to our final result this year.”

Bob Bellini, President and CEO of Plumbing


multiple cars aligned one behind the other

“After the establishment of a tracking system, we are about to reach $73,000 per year savings, only with the savings on fuel.”

Lynda Silvestro, owner of Hoyt Livery

New Canaan, CT

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