FLeetsphere concrete

Concrete Fleet Management Software.

A solution designed for specific concrete regulations and quality assurance needs.

Maximized ROI thanks to concrete quality assurance from plant to job and back.

Concrete specific sensors and data

On-time concrete delivery in line with industry regulations

Secure your ROI while preventing losses

Act on opportunity through complete visibility on your fleet and product

Avoid product losses by having the data you need to deliver concrete on time

Shared information and accountability

  • Administrator computer
  • Driver phone
  • Site operator mobile device

Deliver for quality

Monitor your concrete's condition at every step:

  • Up to date water levels at a glance
  • Live drum hydraulic pressure (slump) information
  • Drum Rotation speed
  • Precise data on concrete amount in truck

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Up to date information every step of the way for optimal concrete quality.


End-to-end visibility on every job.

Start your product journey with e-ticket a tool allowing every concerned party to access the information they need to deliver concrete on time.

  • Centralized information from driver dispatch to client billing

Optimize idle times.

  • Wait time
  • Fill time
Travel analytics

Follow your vehicles as needed.

  • Route data
  • Time stopped
  • Traffic data
Job site data

Know how the job is going.

  • Idle time
  • Discharging rate
  • Residual balance when leaving job
Return trip

Plan the next delivery.

  • Route data
  • Time stopped
  • Traffic data
data and analytics

Know how your fleet fares to always improve on quality and delivery time.

Explore your data and get actionable insights:

Realtime fleet performance dashboard

Job specific data

Get your data on request

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