Fleetsphere EMS

Our specialized solution for emergency fleet management.

What is Fleetsphere EMS?

Technology at your service!

The application of preventive maintenance as well as the analysis of the performance of the management of a vehicle fleet are based on the collection of data on the use, consumption, and performance of the units in order to establish a reliable diagnosis and put forward the appropriate corrective measures.

Although the battery provides an impressive volume of information, available at all times in every detail (to the second), all the reports provided by the system are based on the principle of management by exception.

The Fleetsphere EMS data analysis software allows quick visualization of records in different forms such as tables, graphs and mapping.

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Fleetsphere EMS

Product overview.

Real-time tracking

Your fleet at a glance.

Good visibility allows you to identify weaknesses in your operating processes and make the necessary corrections to improve your business.

Driving behavior

Improve road safety.

Get the data you need to better manage your teams such as speeding and risky behavior.

Vehicle maintenance

Know when your assets need to be updated.

This way, you can plan and predict the vehicles that need to be serviced.

Advances reporting features includes:

Daily summaries

Geolocation of the vehicles and the itinerary

Diagnostics on the vehicles’ operation

Black box Fleetsphere EMS

Have the needed visibility, thanks to the black box!

The Fleetsphere EMS data accumulator takes advantage of the latest state-of-the-art technologies in “black box” design. It is an advanced data recording system that captures, accumulates, and transmits all the information related to the operation of emergency vehicles, such as ambulances, firefighters and/or police officers.

Thanks to its large data storage capacity, the Fleetsphere EMS allows substantial savings in communication costs.

Fleetsphere EMS transmits information in different forms:

Real time

by WIFI or RF

On request

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a person looking at a Fleetsphere by CDWare dashboard

“After the installation of the GPS, we saw […] improved productivity and operational efficiency. We plan to add over $ 300,000 to our final result this year.”

Bob Bellini, President and CEO of Plumbing


multiple cars aligned one behind the other

“After the establishment of a tracking system, we are about to reach $73,000 per year savings, only with the savings on fuel.”

Lynda Silvestro, owner of Hoyt Livery

New Canaan, CT

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