Fleet management cost savings: 4 ways software solutions can boost your bottom line

Fleet management cost

 Managing a fleet of vehicles involves significant operational costs, from fuel and maintenance to insurance and labor. However, with the advanced fleet management software, operators can now access substantial fleet management cost savings while enhancing efficiency and productivity. If it sounds like we’re saying that fleet management software can lower a fleet’s overall operating […]

8 fleet management system benefits you need to know

fleet management system

 Keeping fleet operations profitable and running smoothly can be a challenge for companies, regardless of its industry or fleet size. Fortunately for today’s fleets, fleet management software can help. Embracing the benefits of fleet management systems can enhance efficiency, safety, and cost savings, making the transition to new processes and technologies worth the effort. […]

CDWare Technology Acquires INGTECH

Strengthening the Leadership Position in the Construction Materials Industry Montreal, QC, June 4, 2024 – CDWare Technology, a Canadian leading provider of fleet management software for Ready Mix Concrete & Construction Materials Industry, is pleased to announce the acquisition of INGtech, renowned for their electronic-logging-device software and cutting-edge technologies in automated vehicle tracking.   CDWare Technology […]

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